Ref Union

Gray Fox Hoodies

$25.00 - $35.00

Image of Gray Fox Hoodies

The Hoodie by Asics.

Warm, a little on the baggy side and oh-so comfortable. Snuggle up with your significant other, pop in that game DVD, and get through those cold winter months in these cotton-poly blended hoodies featuring the full color Gray Fox logo.

60% cotton. 40% polyester. For best results: cold water wash and tumble dry. Runs a little baggy but may still shrink a little bit.

Also available: the Raglan Hoodie by Oakley.

A little lighter than the Asics hoodie, the Oakley hoodie is a great alternative for countering the chills of an air conditioned gym while repping the full color Fox on the front. Beautifully accented by heather gray sleeves, this black hoodie has all our Ref Union colors in a cotton-poly blended package.

60% cotton. 40% polyester. A tad baggy. Recommend machine wash warm and tumble dry. Holds up very strong despite multiple washings, ours still hasn't shrunk even a little bit.