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Asics Gel Quantum Infinity


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Our top recommendation for your officiating shoe. The Asics Gel Quantum Infinity may be the best looking, most comfortable shoe that we've ever worn. Designed to look like a Lexus for your feet, the Asics Infinity has its entire sole comprised of 100% Gel cushioning. While this adds a few ounces to the weight, it also makes the shoe unbelievably durable, because while foam compresses and Air eventually leaks, Gel will maintain its integrity and last for as long as you take care of it. It also provides an unparalleled amount of cushioning to prevent those achy feet after that ball-busting game.

Here is the official description from the Asics website:

The men's GEL-QUANTUM™ INFINITY sport-style shoe blends a contemporary model and technology. This shoe, infuses sport into a ultra modern look, pulling inspiration from the iconic GEL® technology cushioning and the authenticity of its design. The distinctive design and coloring flows throughout the shoe to give you the distinguishable style you've been looking for. A one-piece seamless upper wraps the foot exceptionally well for a custom feel. This upper material works with the full-length 360 degrees of GEL® technology cushioning to produce unparalleled comfort. The GEL–QUANTUM™ INFINITY sport-style shoe blends bold design and innovative performance to take you wherever you need to go.

Fits True To Size

Also available in women's. Please contact us for availability!