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Ref Union Safety Mask


Image of Ref Union Safety Mask

The new Ref Union safety mask is the most comfortable one you can own. It is comprised of a swatch of our revolutionary jersey fabric, measuring 30" x 7" and featuring four-way stretch, that you can wrap around your nose and mouth like a stylistic bandana.

One size fits all.

 Comfortable, light, breathable, and it offers basic protection against the exposure of COVID-19 laced spit or "droplets" that may be coming at you from a barking coach, parent, or player.

Please note that Ref Union will not be assigning any events until at least July 2020. We don't believe it is in our members' health or financial best interests to accept any assignments before then. However, if you absolutely HAVE to work before the pandemic is officially over, then please protect yourself. This mask is just a small step towards greater safety during these uncertain times. All proceeds will go towards the Ref Union Cares program, which provides interest-free loans to referees in need during this extended work stoppage.